It’s A Great View From Up Here
Only XOPS gives you observability and automation together in a solution built specifically for ITOps. With XOPS, you’ll see more and advance to high-level exceptions faster, all while delighting your employees with a seamless experience.
Observability Through Integration

Gain full visibility and manage your employee technology lifecycle with integrations to your enterprise systems, service providers, and suppliers. 

From one Control Center, proactively monitor and manage stock availability, deployment and delivery events, supplier orders, warranty claims and repairs, device performance, asset recovery  and data wipe, device forecasting, service provider performance, and exception

XOPS Integrations Include:
Enterprise Systems
* with more underway
OEM & Partner Services
Automate the Employee Lifecycle from Pre-hire to Post-retire

Automate the full employee lifecycle using out-of-the-box runbooks. These include deploying, refreshing, and recovering employee technology no matter where they are (homes, offices, customer locations).

Our runbooks incorporate pre-defined, automated actions based on telemetry and events that do not require any human interaction. We utilize proactive, autonomous refresh cycles or event-based field replacements, all of which are possible with integration into DEM and modern endpoint management systems.

Automatically provisions, deploys, tracks, and reports.
Integrates seamlessly with onboarding and activation process.
Provides an “Amazon-like” experience for employee device selection and delivery. 
Fast, efficient, low-touch offboarding. 
Automatically initiates device return process and data wipe. 
Compliance with legal, privacy, and HR requirements.
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