Autonomous IT,finally.
XOPS is the first observability and runbook automation platform built for Global 2000 IT Operations for the complete employee lifecycle.
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Introducing XOPS Observability and Automation for ITOps
XOPS creates efficiencies by giving ITOps the power to see across their complex infrastructure and endpoints across the enterprise and identify problems quickly. From handling exceptions to reporting on compliance, teams who can see more can ultimately do more.
The XOPS platform provides
The first and only platform to integrate and deliver XLAs and XPIs.
The power to manage inventory, mitigate security threats, and track ESG goals across locations, devices, and partners.
The freedom to eliminate manual deployments, asset recovery, and inventory reconciliation.
A superior forecasting view so teams can make accurate, data-driven decisions.
An ISO 27001: 2022 and 27018 compliant tool, so you know your information is secure.
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One Platform, Four Priorities
Operational Efficiency
Leave the boring work to the software

Ditch highly manual deployments, tracking, asset recovery, and asset reconciliation. Reduce reliance on human intervention and error-prone manual processes. XOPS removes the busy work to help IT teams handle more thoughtful tasks, driving more business value. Leave the boring work to the software. 

With XOPS, smart automation connects to:
Disparate Systems
Third-Party Partners
Enterprise Software

With so many connections, you can drive value by modernizing runbooks across your stack, locations, and for improved outcomes.

Financial Management
Drive more value

Get a handle on idle equipment, expired warranties, or oversubscribed software licenses. Better manage IT inventory with more precise forecasting. Leaders in IT, HR, and Finance can identify and solve issues related to technology and financial impact without any blind spots. 

With XOPS, smart automation keeps data wrangling to a minimum and banishes spreadsheets altogether. With just a few keystrokes, teams can get meaningful insight to:
Answer questions about assets faster
Solve problems more smoothly
Save the business money
Employee Experience
Design a first rate employee experience

Reduce the context switch toll with silo’d portals, emails and outdated service catalogs. XOPS Sidekick provides rich, fun contextual experiences in Microsoft Teams, mobile web and your existing popular collaboration tools.

With XOPS, employees:
Have service requests executed autonomously - no engagement with IT
Gain proactive notifications in channels they love without the noise.

Employees hate outdated portals, slow workflows, and email overload from IT.

Security & Compliance
Manage Complex Compliance Tasks and Simplify Reporting

Head off data leaks, poor patch compliance, and inefficient threat management with automated compliance management. Deliver accurate and robust GRC and ESG reporting with smart automation. Compare outcomes, manage policy exceptions, and mitigate risks better with complete transparency of company assets. XOPS is fully compliant with ISO 27001: 2022 and 27018.

With XOPS in place with Compliance and Policy as Code, you have control over:
Vulnerability remediation observability
Automated compliance and policy enforcement
Handling exceptions related to policies with complete enterprise integration

So your teams can proactively address gaps and enforce compliance policies. With XOPS, reporting requires less manual effort and offers enhanced accuracy for greater organizational trust and transparency.

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